Splice Festival 2017


Saturday 27th May

Red Gallery/Kamio : 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT
Live AV Performances, DJ/VJ, Installation
Basement, Upstairs, Gallery
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PLEASE NOTE: Last entry is strictly 11pm unless you have a day or weekend wristband from Rich Mix events.


J:Kenzo : DJ Set

Founder of the influential labels Artikal Music UK and Soul Shakerz, British DJ/producer J:Kenzo is himself one of the leading lights in a new wave of artists on the pioneering dubstep label Tempa. DJing for over 20 years and a veteran of the dubstep scene, J:Kenzo’s known for his signature minimalistic sounds of dub, jungle and techno. He’s hosted a monthly show on London’s Rinse FM for over 4 years now, showcasing his tastes of the underground, and he also regularly DJs internationally – from Japan to the USA and all over Europe. His many releases, including on labels Metalheadz, Exit Records and more recently Cosmic Bridge and 31 Records, heavily feature his trademark stripped back beats, smokey atmospherics and haunting melodies.


Sagberg : VJ Set

SAGBERG / David Emanuel Altweger

Initially from Vienna he has been based in London since 2006. A design graduate of Camberwell College of Arts he is working as a freelance director and VJ as well making live visuals and art installations.

He is currently working closely with Test Dept and is a founding member of the artist collective Salon Flux (salonflux.at)


No Signal : AV Performance

No Signal is a collaboration between British producer/DJs Amousement and Villain and London-based visual artist Hyper VJ. Formed in 2015, the trio came together to explore the field of improvised audiovisual performance and their aesthetic sits comfortably between harsh distortions and otherworldly harmonies with each of the three bringing a certain intensity of thier own to the overall experience. Villain and Amousement release on the Ears to the Future label and are behind the London club nights Crux.


ScanOne : DJ/VJ Set

Label boss of both Yellow Machines and Modified Magic, ScanOne is the London-based musician, DJ and audiovisual artist Jude Greenaway. DJing since the early 1990s and later producing his own work, his production style is a hybrid of genres from old-school hardcore to electro, bleep, bass, dub and IDM.



Hector Plimmer : Live SP-404 Set

In the same way groups like Portishead and Leftfield captured a moment in time, Hector’s work, although influenced by them, is also drenched in tribal rhythms and beautifully crafted bass. Melodies weave and shift to make way for glorious synths or vocal lines.

Clearly influenced by beat-makers like Flying Lotus and Theo Parrish, but with the subtleties of the classic Metalheadz era Drum and Bass. You can catch Hector around London, playing records and playing live. He has a regular show on NTS Radio and also co-curates the ‘Sampled’ project with a crew of DJs, producers and musicians.

At Splice expect a live set of music produced by Hector, performed on a Roland SP-404 sampler, accompanied by visuals animated by Loup Blaster.


Asterism : VJ Set

ASTERISM is a VJ performance by Carla Zimbler that is spontaneous and responsive to environmental feedback and neural activity. Live visuals slowly disconnect from reality and deconstruct living organisms to a cellular level. Particles and warped fragments endlessly expand and contract in fluctuating pools of saturated colour. Audiences are coaxed inside immersive dream-like spaces of memories and imaginings until they wholly lose themselves to abstraction – twisted, exaggerated and bent out of shape.

For Splice, Carla will perform alongside Hector Plimmer.

Instagram: @carlazimbler

Jonny Cuba : DJ Set

Jonny Cuba started his musical journey signing to NinjaTune in the late 1990’s as one half of ‘Dynamic Syncopation’ releasing two LP’s and a string of singles. Many tours with DJ Food, The Herbaliser and DJ Vadim sharpened Jonny’s skills on the decks. He went on to form the Hip Hop crew Soundsci with Audessey from Mass Influence and DJ Ollie Teeba from the Herbaliser, the crew, consisting of four Emcee’s and two DJ/Producers have released LP’s on their own Independent label ‘World Expo Records’ and with West coast US label Ubiquity Records. More recently Soundsci made the ‘My Boosey Weighs a Ton’ LP on Cavendish Records sampling from the legendary Boosey & Hawkes archive.

Jonny’s DJ style ranges from throwing down classic Hip Hop through funk & soul to more eclectic Soundtrack vibes finding obscure nuggets to throw in the mix.


Bitvert : IDMT

Employing a punk aesthetic, IDMT is a performance of Bitvert’s music and visuals. IDMT draws from his eclectic debut album (IDMT) and EP (Civil Serpent) to deliver a visceral synthesis of deep electronica, glitch and image breakdown.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Bitvert was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.’ – Rough Trade Records



Andy Lomas : Constrained Forms : Stereoscopic Installation

Andy Lomas will present his installation piece, Constrained Forms, a variation on his Cellular Forms series. It exhibits more complex shapes with tendril like protuberances and different behaviour in different regions. These come from applying a number of constraints to the software system. Cellular Forms explore digital simulation of morphogenetic processes to create complex alien but familiar, beautiful and disturbing forms. Inspired by the work of Alan Turing, D’Arcy Thompson and Ernst Haeckel, it exists at the boundary between art and science.